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Czech for Foreigners


Mgr. Kristina Müllerová
Jazyková agentura JASNO
Prokešovo nám. 5
702 00 Ostrava

tel. 732462290
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English Teacher

Andreea Sarcani, M.A.

English Teacher, Artist, Coach

Andreea Sarcani, English teacher

Andreea was born in Braila, on the bank of the Danube, in south-eastern Romania 36 years ago. From a very early age she showed deep attraction to music, arts, literature, and languages. And in the years to follow she has explored a little bit of all these fields. She studied music, wrote poetry, pursued painting on her own. She thinks that being a language teacher makes you develop many sides of your personality and many gifts: you must be a good communicator, a little bit of a mother, a little bit of a therapist, and an actor, too.

She is currently based in Ostrava, teaching English to all age groups fulfilling one of her dreams from her early teenage and she is very grateful for having the opportunity to explore a different culture. She has a 4-year-old son, Alex, who is supporting his mum in learning Czech. A motto that helps her to keep a smile on her face when feeling homesick is: "If you have a few friends and if you are passionate about your work, you can be happy anywhere on this planet."

Andreea also organises self-development events inviting others to explore their creativity and have a relaxed, cheerful attitude towards life. She has a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy and Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy of Culture. She also owns a certificate in teaching English as the second language to secondary schools offered by Oxford University Press.