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Skupinové kurzy
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Skupinové kurzy
Individuální kurzy

Czech for Foreigners


Mgr. Kristina Müllerová
Jazyková agentura JASNO
Prokešovo nám. 5
702 00 Ostrava

tel. 732462290
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Czech for foreigners language courses Ostrava

Czech for Foreigners Courses in Ostrava

Czech courses are designed for foreigners living or studying in Ostrava. We focus on the so-called survival Czech – our students learn how to communicate in essential social and work situations. They practise introducing, ordering meals in restaurants, shopping, buying tickets, asking for directions etc. Step by step they also learn Czech grammar. The teacher will explain everything in English, so some knowledge of English is necessary.

Our students are taught Czech in small groups of maximum 8 students. They are divided into groups according to their level of Czech. We teach all levels - from total beginners to advanced students. We use course books New Czech Step by Step and Communicative Czech, and other materials - magazine or internet articles, fiction books, songs etc.

The courses start at the end of September and finish at the end of June. However, the length of the course can be adjusted to your needs.

Alternatively, you can take individual Czech lessons, which cost 400 CZK/60 min. You can share this price with other people.

These courses are led by Kristina Müllerová and Veronika Solichová.

type frequency price
Czech for Foreigners (group) 90 min. per week 5590 CZK/10 months

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